Doctor’s Choice Micro Needling Pen

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The Doctor’s Choice Micro Needling Pen is a revolutionary cordless dermal micro-needling device used by skin care professionals. Top name micro needlers can run thousands of dollars, many knockouts just don’t work well. We tried over 30 different micro needling pens until we came up with one that had the same quality as the brand name pens but we could sell you for a fraction of the price. Because of the pen is an excellent your clients aren’t happy and you. The Doctor’s Choice pen meets the strict criteria of being an excellent micro needling device it comes with the option of refusing it cordless or with cord in the same device. This gives you the option to use the microneedle on the way you see fit. The cost of the needles can also be a major cost when you’re doing a lot of micro needling, the Doctor’s Choice needles are high-quality needles at a reasonable price.

Whether it’s your first micro-needling device a backup or your second device the Doctor’s Choice micro needling pen will make both you and your clients happy and help your bottom line.

Safe: the Doctor’s Choice Bend is inherently far safer then other devices like Derma rollers. It uses sterile single-use surgical grade disposable cartridge tips.

The secure cartridges tips deliver Superior clinical results and greater efficacy while still maintaining a high level of safety for both the provider and the patient. It’s safe for all skin types which means it’s a superior procedure for almost anyone.

Fast: for a more efficient and timely procedure Doctor’s Choice pen utilizes high speed reliable motor. The rapid speed of the needles provides a far more comfortable experience then Derma rollers and Lesser micro needlers.

Customizable: by employing a variable positioning with the pen it allows each treatment to be customized for the best clinical results and unique skin type and requirements of each patient.

Reliable consistent results: how many compare this pen to lasers Derma rollers and Lester pens it’s far more reliable and provides a consistent outcome for each patient every time. Having the right control and safety features delivers consistent predictable results.


  • Medical grade housing
  • Adjustable pen position
  • Can be used both corded and cordless
  • Sleek design and easy grip pen
  • Simple but reliable needle holder

Dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners choose the The Doctor’s Choice Micro Needling Pen for the following reasons:

  • Safety First. The The Doctor’s Choice Micro Needling Pen uses sterile single-use surgical grade disposable cartridge tips. The The Doctor’s Choice Micro Needling Pen delivers exceptional clinical results and maintains the safety for the patient and provider.
  • Faster is Better. The Doctor’s Choice Micro Needling Pen’s high-speed motor allows for an efficient procedure. The rapid pen motion provides a comfortable experience that most patients describe as a sandpaper-like sensation.
  • Customized For You. Each patient has unique skin needs. The variable pen position feature allows The Doctor’s Choice Micro Needling Pen professionals to customize a treatment for your best results.
  • Consistent Results. When compared to lasers and dermal rollers, The Doctor’s Choice Micro Needling Pen is able to deliver ideal outcomes for almost every patient.


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